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Top Wholesale Products of 2020: A Year in Review

December 15, 2020 | Published by Faire

top wholesale products
Photo courtesy of wxy.

In 2020, we were proud to see how our brands and retailers remained resilient and agile in light of changing circumstances. As retailers shopped on Faire, stocking their stores with the top wholesale products of the year, we saw firsthand how brands and buyers adapted their product offerings to meet the needs of their customers. Our retailer community, which more than doubled in 2020, sought new types of products to stock their shelves. Almost 700,000 new relationships — in other words, when a retailer purchases from a brand for the first time — were formed over the last 12 months.

This year’s top wholesale products and categories help to show us the mindset and priorities of consumers in 2020. Here, we’re recapping trends from the year’s top wholesale purchases.

Top wholesale categories

  • Home Decor. Faire’s home decor category houses some of the top wholesale products in the marketplace. In particular, our Kitchen & Tabletop subcategory was a priority for buyers this year. Candles, drinkware, and decorative objects were popular items in 2020 as consumers focused on improving their home environments this year.
  • Women. Accessories and apparel for women were highly desirable this year. From shirts and blouses to dangle and hoop earrings to fashionable face masks — wearable women’s products remained a priority this year as consumers turned to retail therapy to express themselves.
  • Beauty & Wellness. Personal care items in the health and first aid category, such as hand sanitizers and face masks, were extremely popular this year, which comes as no surprise to anyone who lived through 2020.

Top wholesale products

top wholesale products - face masks
Photo courtesy of KITSCH.
top wholesale products - cupcake bites
Photo courtesy of Candy Club.
top wholesale products - cocktail mix
Photo courtesy of Camp Craft Cocktails.

Top wholesale searches

  • Mask. A top wholesale category, product, and search term — the cloth face mask was a coveted purchase in 2020.
  • Candle. A longtime favorite of Faire customers, the candle was the second runner up in top wholesale product searches this year.
  • Christmas. Holiday shopping was still a focus in 2020, with “Christmas” coming in as the third most popular search term. 

Top wholesale brand values

  • Women-owned. The top value sought in wholesale brands on Faire in 2020 was “women-owned.” Over half of the Faire community is made up of women.
  • Made in the USA. Products that are made in the United States have proven time and time again to be desirable to Faire retailers. Last holiday season, 50% of Americans reported they would prefer to receive gifts that were made in the USA.
  • Handmade. This was our third most-sought-after value of the year. In 2019, 37% of millennial women said they would prefer to receive a handmade gift.

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