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Introducing Faire Summer Market to Our Brand Community in Europe

June 17, 2021 | Published by Faire

Photo courtesy of Samo Paris

We introduced our first-ever virtual trade show, Faire Summer Market, nearly a year ago with the purpose of solving immediate challenges caused by the pandemic. In February, we gathered the Faire community again for Faire Winter Market, and with 150,000 orders placed between the two events, it became clear that this new format drives success for our community. Since then, although our world has begun to reopen, our communities are still adjusting to a new normal. As entrepreneurs everywhere embark on the journey ahead, we’re committed to continuing to empower their growth through impactful online tools that foster connection.

Today, we’re excited to share that Faire Summer Market will be returning July 27-29, 2021, with exclusive early access on July 26 for members of Insider, Faire’s free shipping membership  program for retailers. Additionally, to celebrate our expansion into Europe, this year’s Faire Summer Market is going global. Brands will have the opportunity to grow their customer base and increase sales with a global audience, while retailers can source unique goods from around the world to delight the local communities they serve.

Concentrated demand over three days

More retailers shop at Faire Markets than any other time of year. By participating, brands like you will get access to concentrated demand from 200,000 independent retailers across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.

Discount matching, funded by Faire

At every Faire Market, we’ve offered discount-matching to help brands sell more and give retailers the best specials of the season. Retailers have saved a total of over $6 million in promotions to date, and we’re thrilled to match promotions once again at Faire Summer Market 2021. To welcome you to our growing global community, we’re matching discounts up to 20% on brands based in the UK and Europe. This helps new retailers try your line with confidence. 

Offer free shipping to retailers around the world

This is our first Faire Market since we began expanding Faire into the United Kingdom and Europe. To help our brands and retailers build relationships globally, we’re funding free shipping on all international orders. Plus, we’ll be offsetting the cost of duties for European retailers who order from you. For more details about shipping across borders, access our international shipping guide here.

Participate for free

We can’t wait to introduce our new European community to the Faire Markets experience. Faire Summer Market will also include exclusive livestream programming featuring tips and insights from leading industry partners. It’s free to participate in Faire Summer Market—all you need to do is run a promotion on Faire from July 26-29. Set your promotion today!

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