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How to Use Faire Alongside Your Other Sales Channels

January 20, 2020 | Published by Faire

More than anything, Faire is focused on helping our makers grow and manage their wholesale businesses. Primarily, Faire does this by introducing makers to new retailers. But it doesn’t stop there–we can also help makers grow their existing relationships in a way that benefits you, your retailers, and the stakeholders in your business. Here, we share how to seamlessly and effectively use Faire’s tools alongside your other sales channels.

The benefits of in-person channels

Much of wholesale buying exists offline where a potential retailer is able to see and touch a maker’s goods in person. The customers sourced at trade shows and in showrooms can become loyal accounts, and therefore important to a brand’s growth. Luckily, just because you have existing sales channels doesn’t mean you can’t use Faire! All of these in-person channels can coexist alongside online channels, and Faire is here to help.

The benefits of adding online wholesale

There are clear benefits to joining Faire’s online wholesale marketplace including brand discovery, new retailer accounts, and increased sales. And it’s never been easier to add another platform for order-taking. To bridge the divide between your new and existing wholesale business, we built a channel called Faire Direct. This is a free channel that lets you easily serve all of your customers, regardless of their initial source, without conflict. Faire Direct offers a Direct Link, which enables you to take wholesale orders online through Faire at 0% commission. You can share your link with your existing retailers or newly sourced prospects to ensure you’re never charged a commission when those buyers shop on Faire. You also get the Direct App, an iPad app to write orders on the go. 

Megan of The Jamila Collective taking Direct App orders at Las Vegas Market last summer.

Faire Direct is designed to:

  1. Help makers streamline their businesses by processing orders all in one place.
  2. Enable makers to extend Faire’s Net 60 terms and free return policy to their existing retailers and prospective leads. 
  3. Charge no commission on Faire Direct accounts, so makers can compensate sales representatives and cover other expenses associated with marketing campaigns. 
  4. Reduce overall risk for a maker’s business by guaranteed payment from Faire.

What we’re hearing

We launched Faire Direct in summer 2019 and the response has been overwhelming. Here is what we are hearing from our makers who have added Faire Direct as a key player in their toolkit.

Sales leadership at Itzy Ritzy told us:

“We are always doing outreach to new leads. Once we got up and running on Faire and started using the Direct Link, we could do roughly the same amount of work while seeing a level of conversion we never experienced with other wholesale e-commerce solutions we tried. We love that we can use it anywhere… not just internally for when we are doing sales ourselves or designing email campaigns, but for our outside sales representatives as well to help them incentivize orders. Now they can use Faire’s terms to close deals while still getting their full commission (since Faire is taking 0% commission on those orders).

“Previously we would offer Net 30 to retailers we knew we could trust and on another platform we incentivized customers to order by giving 10% off to our new retailers but Faire offers terms above and beyond that and makes it easy to do so…”

Missy Livingston of Twisted Wares. Photo courtesy of Twisted Wares.

Missy Livingston of Twisted Wares also shared, “We tried another marketplace solution. I personally built a website to use at the trade shows, hand-writing orders doesn’t work. I don’t want to have to write down credit card information (and be non-compliant)! Faire is integrated with my 3PL, [and] with the Direct App, the order literally goes out immediately.”

Brennan Spreitzer of Yes Bar said, “Faire Direct has been so great for us! With the ease of ordering, terms, and credit offer from Faire, we’ve been able to get accounts to order for the first time. Our customers have said the platform is very easy to order on. Thanks for helping us drive extra sales!

Ready to get started?

We’re thrilled to hear such positive feedback about our Faire Direct channel. If you’re not using it yet, it’s easy to get started! Visit the Faire Direct tab in your Faire account, or read more here.


Not using Faire yet? Click here to learn more!

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