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How to Make Marketing Emails Easy

July 17, 2020 | Published by Faire

For many brands, email is one of the most important channels for communication with customers. It’s a great way to send specific, targeted messaging to interested buyers. However, it’s easy to spend too much time on your marketing emails. We have a few simple tips to make sending marketing emails a breeze.

Use templates

You don’t need to start your content from scratch each time you send a beautiful new marketing email. A great way to simplify your process starts with reusing designs that you’ve already created, or templates that are available for your use. 

Depending on your email provider, you may be able to save previous email campaigns or create your own templates. For example, some of Mailchimp’s paid plans allow you to build custom templates for your brand. 

Better yet, you have access to free email templates in your Faire account. Through the Faire campaigns tool, you can edit and reuse custom, modular email templates for free. You can add your logo and imagery, pull in shoppable products directly from your Faire shop, and customize your email’s text. Then, you can send the email directly from Faire by adding recipients through a spreadsheet, a Mailchimp audience, or existing Faire contacts.

Simplify your call to action

Your “call to action” (or CTA) is one of the most important parts of your marketing. What steps should a customer take after receiving your email? In most cases, you’ll want them to click through to your products so they can browse and purchase.

When you’re using Faire’s email templates, your CTA will be pre-populated with your Direct Link — your custom Faire shop link that ensures all orders from existing customers (your relationships and prospects sourced outside of Faire) are commission-free. 

And even if you’re using Mailchimp or another email provider, you can still use your Direct Link in your CTA. When you use your Direct Link in your marketing emails, you offer easy online ordering through the Faire platform to all customers who click to shop. Customers are able to access Faire’s net 60 payment terms and signup bonuses while you pay nothing in commission and let Faire handle payment processing.

Set up automations

Whenever possible, automating your marketing emails can save you a lot of time. Emails that are perfect for automation include restock reminders and follow-ups to your prospects. Your messaging won’t change very often for these types of communications, which means you can draft your email, set up an automation, and forget about it!

Automations are available in business plans from many email providers, however, these tools can sometimes be complicated and come at a premium cost. Luckily, you can set up a few easy automations for free through your Faire account. Enable automatic emails to prospects you’ve been working, retailers who have unused credit to your line, and buyers who are due for a reorder. Automation is a great way to take some of your current marketing emails off your plate.

Get started

You can start using Faire’s email marketing tools today by visiting the Marketing tab in your account. Or, to use your Direct Link as a CTA in Mailchimp or another email service, simply copy your custom link from your Direct tab under Sales Channels.

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