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How To Grow Your Preorder Sales on Faire

December 14, 2021 | Published by Faire

Preorders have always been an integral part of strategic inventory planning within the apparel wholesale industry. For brands, preorders help gauge interest in new styles and predict the next bestsellers, allowing them to better plan production on popular styles in advance.

In the past years, we have seen preorder sales on Faire grow significantly. To meet that demand, our team has invested heavily in building tools that reduce the burden of managing preorders and drive more sales each season. We strive to continue to connect brands with thousands of new global retailers while offering unique financial tools to help our customers grow their businesses.

In 2021, we debuted a new preorder marketplace exclusively for apparel, footwear, and accessories brands. We also introduced Faire Fashion Week—our first-ever dedicated apparel and footwear preorder event. During the event, the average weekly preorder volume increased at the rate of 7x. 

To help you increase demand for your preorders and connect you with more retailers around the globe, we’re kicking off the new year with our second Faire Fashion Week, taking place March 7-11, 2022. In combination with our improved preorder tools, we hope our Fashion Week event will help you drive larger orders from new and existing customers. 

Improved selling tools

We’re excited to provide you with the best tools to make selling preorders on Faire easier, intuitive, and more successful for your business. 

  • Product upload tools: Our bulk uploader and integrations with common ERP systems make it easier to add your entire preorder catalog at once, reducing the effort required to get preorders ready to sell on Faire.
  • Brand portal updates: Our redesigned brand portal simplifies accepting preorders, including updated order search and filter capabilities, and seamless tools to message customers directly from an order.
  • Edit orders: If a retailer needs to change their order, you can easily edit preorders after they’ve been placed. Add more styles, adjust sizing, or remove products in an instant.
  • Split orders: Delayed styles happen. You can now split an existing order into two or more orders, as product production shifts. Splits help you account for unforeseen shipping delays on products, customer requests to ship to multiple addresses, and more.
  • Invoicing: To help your retailers place orders, you can write preorders on their behalf, then send them a simple invoice that they can pay without signing up for Faire. If they do sign up, you can extend the benefits of Faire Direct at 0% commission.

Unique incentives for your buyers 

By selling on Faire, you can drive more preorder sales each season by connecting with new global retailers looking for up-and-coming styles. You can manage inventory and orders through our unique set of tools, built specifically for apparel brands. Finally, through Faire Direct, you can offer your existing buyers unique incentives that help them buy more from you—at 0% commission. 

Shop at Faire Fashion Week—our designated preordering event

Faire Fashion Week is the perfect place to launch your preorder lines to new retailers while selling more to your existing customers with Faire’s unique incentives.

To help you drive orders from new buyers at the event, we’re offering 30% off preorders of $1,000 or more to retailers shopping your brand on Faire for the first time. In addition, to allow you to offer better prices to your existing customers on Faire, we’re offering retailers placing reorders 15% off all preorders $1,000 and more. We hope this helps you drive larger preorders from existing buyers. 

Learn more about Faire Fashion Week here.

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