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Faire Summer Market Highlights: Our Favorite Moments from Day Two

August 27, 2020 | Published by Faire

And that’s a wrap on Faire Summer Market – our first ever online trade show event! We truly couldn’t have done this without you — our creative, talented, and fearless community of brands and retailers. Faire Summer Market was possible through your considerate feedback, inspiring optimism, and dedication to the future of local retail. We hope you all felt the value and impact of being able to connect with each other in a dedicated online space.

Our second and final day was filled with engaging, interactive, and informative content from an energizing morning stretch with Tule Fog in San Francisco, to a live demonstration of Soberdough’s easy-to-bake bread in Nashville, and a lesson in simple cocktails from TEASPRESSA in Phoenix.

Read on for a few highlights from day two!

Color is key, with Patti Carpenter

Trend ambassador and color expert, Patti Carpenter gave a fascinating presentation on how to understand and spot a trend, as well as how to identify the difference between a trend and a fad. She also shared her expertise on the importance of color and its relation to what is happening in culture in order to resonate with customers on an emotional level. She also offered her predictions on upcoming trending colors, materials, and tones. 

As Faire CFO Lauren touched on yesterday, Patti reiterated an increased focus around consumers purchasing for value and longevity, calling “virtue the new luxury.” She reflected optimism around the future of local, and the advantage of small retailers being able to connect more closely with consumers.

I have been adopting this point of view from a Darwin quote, ‘It’s not the strongest or most intelligent that will survive, it’s those that are accepting to change.’

Patti Carpenter

Q&A with Faire leadership

Faire co-founder and CEO, Max Rhodes and CFO, Lauren Cooks Levitan answered some of the top questions asked by our customers, as well as live questions from retailers within chat. The community Q&A was mostly focused on how to drive more success using the Faire platform, ways to refer new brands and products to Faire, as well as more information around the categories we’re seeing growth in.

A lot of big box retailers have simply gone away and many more will in the coming months. As people locally have fewer options, it makes independent retailers that much more critical for their local communities.

Faire CFO, Lauren Cooks Levitan

Additional livestream highlights

  • 1818 Farms demonstrated shea butter bath truffles, bath crushes, and her signature bath teas. 
  • In a Q&A session, Tea Drops founder Sashee Chandran taught us how to create a magical tea moment. 
  • Sadie & Sage went live right from their warehouse floor, demonstrating some of their top fall fashion items for women’s apparel. 
  • BLINGSTING shattered a sheet of tempered glass right before our eyes with an awesome demonstration of their Glammer Personal Escape Hammer. 
  • Emily McDowell shared her inspirational career path and the history behind some of her most popular products. 
  • KITSCH founder Cassandra Thurswell revealed the brand’s exciting low-waste new shampoo and conditioner bars, and demoed their top selling spa headband. 

Congrats to our award winners!

  • Breakout BrandShupaca just joined the Faire platform this year, but their eco-friendly and sustainable products with a mission were a huge hit with retailers at the show. 
  • Best Selling BrandItzy Ritzy had over 350 retailers tune in to their interactive livestream on day one, demonstrating the power of engaging content! 
  • International BreakoutCountry Chic Paint embedded their Faire Direct widget within their website and as a result, saw a 20x increase in order volume.
  • Launched BrandCandlefish launched their wholesale candle line live at the show, and did an amazing job walking through each scent in their collection. 

Thank you!

Thanks for joining us! In two days we covered 48 livestream events and over 960 minutes of livestreaming content, with 35,000 retailers attending the show each day and 2x the average order volume! We’re so grateful to see the rebound of local retail and feel more hopeful than ever about our future, together. 

We hope you had a great experience at Faire Summer Market, and we’d love to hear your feedback on how we can continue to improve. We’ll be sending out a survey in the coming week for you to share your thoughts.  

Make sure you also stay tuned to the blog as we recap more content and results from the event, as well as news on upcoming events like this one.

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