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Faire Fashion Week 2021 Insights and Trends

September 9, 2021 | Published by Faire

Last week concluded our first apparel preorder event, Faire Fashion Week. Attendees from around the globe enjoyed Faire-funded discounts like 20% off orders over $1,000 and free returns. Nearly 170,000 products were purchased from the preorder marketplace over the course of the week, increasing the average weekly preorder volume at the rate of 7x. The inaugural Faire Fashion Week featured exclusive industry programming from retail experts, including a womenswear buyers briefing with trend forecasting authority, WGSN, as well as a small business community panel on the evolving apparel industry. 

To help inform retailers and brands on upcoming trends, we’re excited to reveal some of the top styles and products from Faire Fashion Week and share key learnings from the show programming.

Trending styles

At Faire Fashion Week, retailers shopped from thousands of styles for all seasons, with Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 proving the most popular. In the U.S., categories like sweaters and bodysuits prevailed, while in the U.K. and Europe, slippers and hoodies held the most appeal. Dresses and tops were highly sought-after categories in both markets. 

Top selling products in the U.S. included vintage straight jeans from Just Black Denim and a checkered jacket from RD Style, while the U.K. and Europe favored ModaPosa’s shirt dress and a men’s zip-up jacket from SMF. 

In both markets, children’s and baby apparel impressed. Several top-selling products in the U.K. and Europe came from children’s apparel brand Eli & Nev. Similarly, in the U.S., styles like kid’s dresses from Ollie Jay also landed amongst the top sellers. 

For more detailed information on the top products purchased at Faire Fashion Week, see our infographic below.

Community programming and trend forecasting

Ashley Alderson, founder of The Boutique Hub—an online community that connects members of the boutique industry—moderated a discussion on the evolving apparel industry. Panelists included:

  • Shawn Azad, owner of clothing brand dRA
  • Emily Grey, owner of women’s gifts and apparel boutique The Flourish Market
  • Tony Strippoli, Vice President of sales at clothing brand Bailey 44
  • Erica Brown, owner and stylist of women’s clothing store Dylan Star

Panelists discussed hurdles they’ve faced in the past year, from supply chain issues to maintaining customer support during continued difficult times, and how they’ve overcome them. They also shared strategies for getting creative with existing inventory and offered tips to viewers on how brands can best pitch to small businesses (hint: personalize your emails). Finally, the panel discussed the phenomenon of live selling and whether they planned to incorporate this growing strategy into their businesses. For more details and insights, watch the full discussion here.

Faire Fashion Week also featured a comprehensive session from WGSN on trends to look out for in Womenswear Spring and Summer of 2022. Read our recap of the webinar here

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