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Faire Expands Marketplace with New Digital Trade Show Tools

May 26, 2020 | Published by Faire

The livestreaming concept

Since early March, the coronavirus has forced the cancellation and postponement of trade shows across the country. This has raised a common question for brands and retailers: how can we safely connect and continue doing business under this new set of risks? Our mission at Faire has always been to empower our customers to chase their dreams; during the COVID-19 crisis, that has meant listening closely to their most important needs and building products to help them navigate a path forward. Today, we are excited to announce a new set of tools already in development intended to seamlessly build upon our online marketplace to bring the sense of community and connection of trade shows online — all year round.

We know that for both brands and retailers one of the biggest values of trade shows is the ability to establish contacts and relationships within the industry. However, traveling and convening for crowded events raise new concerns about health risks, and both brands and retailers have reported having tighter budgets than in previous years. Brands and retailers in our community are already considering how to connect with each other remotely this year, highlighting the need for simple and reliable digital alternatives. New tools and online events will work to bring the community together to connect and create a regular tempo of buying and selling opportunities outside of traditional trade show seasons.

Faire’s background and tech expertise uniquely position us to bring the sense of community and connection felt so vibrantly at trade shows to a digital space to empower and delight our customers. Since launching in 2017, we have built a curated online wholesale platform supporting more than 10,000 brands and 80,000 retailers, and now our world-class engineering, design, and product teams are expanding our products to help foster personal connection among the wholesale community. Set to be released this summer, we will enhance the platform to bring new ways for brands to merchandise products and for retailers to discover their next best sellers.

To start, Faire brands and retailers can look forward to having year-round access to livestreaming. Brands can host livestream video to hundreds of retailers to debut new products and launch new collections. Retailers can ask questions through live chat and checkout directly.

As our industry forges the path forward to a new normal, new tools and online events will introduce a responsible alternative to in-person trade shows, tailored to the present needs of our industry. As with everything on our platform, new tools will allow brands to evolve and create year-round buying opportunities as we continue to recover from the pandemic. We believe wholesale and independent retail will come back stronger than before if we work together and support one another.

We’ll continue to share updates with our community to make sure brands and retailers can take full advantage of new tools as they launch.

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