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Business Management

Running a small business is full of surprises and challenges. We source tips from wholesale experts to help.

How to Sell to Retailers in France and Germany Wholesale brands can now sell to retailers in France and Germany on Faire. Here's what you need to know!
3 Shipping Tips for Brands in the United Kingdom and Europe Check out these tips for shipping across borders.
How To Practice Sustainability in Your Business We talked to two eco-friendly brands on how to implement sustainable practices in your business.
4 Ways to Promote Your Wholesale Business and Increase Sales Use our tools and social assets to promote your brand!
How to Sell Your Products to Retailers in The Netherlands Faire has now launched in the Netherlands!
Everything to Know About Selling in the United Kingdom Faire is starting to serve U.K retailers—here’s what you need to know!
How to Use Video in Your Brand’s Marketing Add video to your marketing toolkit and share your content on Faire.
What the December Stimulus Package Means for Your Business We’ve put together a guide to help you interpret the potential impact of the new relief bill.
How to Use Faire to View, Segment, and Email Your Targeted Customers There are new and improved ways to manage your customers on Faire!
How to Express Gratitude to Your Loyal Customers As the year comes to a close, it's time to reflect on what's made you grateful.

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