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Announcing Faire Summer Market 2022: The Largest Retailer Trade Show Event is Returning in July

June 15, 2022 | Published by Faire

Over the past years, Faire Markets have grown into some of the world’s largest trade shows, with thousands of brands and retailers participating worldwide. At Faire Winter Market 2022, over 112,000 new relationships were formed between brands and retailers. In addition, almost 2 million products were ordered by attendees around the globe, and retailers saved over $12 million with Faire-funded discount matching and show specials. During this fall’s second Faire Fashion Week, our apparel and footwear preorder event, about 340,000 products were purchased from the preorder marketplace, increasing the weekly preorder volume by nearly 9x.  

These global trade show events have empowered our community of brands to connect with over 450,000 retailers from around the world while saving them the time and money in-person trade shows typically require.

Now, we’re excited to announce the return of Faire’s virtual global trade show event for the summer season. Faire Summer Market will take place from July 19-22. Plus, US and UK retailers who are signed up for our Insider membership program will get to shop the market early on July 18.

Learn more about the Insider US and UK programs.

Faire-funded discount matching

This year, we’re once again offering discount matching funded by Faire, so you can offer retailers the best prices on your products. At Faire Summer Market, we’ll match your promotions up to 5% off, along with offering retailers an additional 10% on opening orders to help you create new connections. 

For brands in France and Germany, this promotion will be offered on top of any ongoing Faire-funded promotions in your country, making this the best time for retailers close to home to shop your brand.

Invite your existing retailers using Faire Direct

Drive more sales at Faire Summer Market by inviting your existing customers to shop event specials with Faire Direct. Plus, by inviting customers to sign up for Faire using Faire Direct, you’ll lock in 0% commission every time they shop your brand. At previous Faire Markets, brands that adopted Faire Direct drove 9x more sales than those that did not.

Participate for free

Participation in Faire Summer Market is completely free—all you have to do is set a promotion in your brand portal to confirm participation. 

Learn more about Faire Summer Market and set your promotions in your brand portal here.

Read trends and insights from our last virtual trade show, Faire Winter Market 2022.

Find out more about selling on Faire here.

New to Faire? Click here to learn more.

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