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A Discussion With Our European Brand and Retailer Community About Faire Summer Market

July 16, 2021 | Published by Faire

With our recent expansion into Europe, this year’s Faire Summer Market will be a global event, featuring brands and retailers from the U.K. and Europe. In preparation for the event, we hosted a webinar for our new community members from across the pond to let them know what to expect at Faire Summer Market. Here, we’ve summarized the key points covered during the webinar and provided answers to frequently asked questions. You can also watch the full webinar here.

Setting promotions and navigating taxes

We’re excited to once again offer discount matching at this summer’s event. As a brand, when you set a promotion during the market, Faire will match your discount up to 10%. To help you navigate this process and answer your questions about how promotion matching will work, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. If you’re wondering how payouts and taxes will work—especially on international orders—take a look at this document. Finally, for information on shopping in your local currency and more detailed information on country specific pricing, please reference this guide

Advice from a veteran Faire market brand

During this week’s webinar, we spoke with Hannah Graham, Head of Marketing at Scottish accessories brand Powder Design. Hannah told newcomers how she markets Faire Summer Market to new and existing customers and how the events have impacted her brand. 

Hannah advised using the marketing tool in the Faire brand portal to market the event to retailers. She also uses the Faire Direct link to entice existing customers to shop Power Design on Faire. Hannah and her team saw incredible success at last year’s Faire Winter Market, and they’re excited to see what this summer’s event will bring “At Faire Winter Market, our orders were more than 5x what they usually were,” Hannah said. “That was a catalyst for our orders to really snowball afterwards because our new customers we got during the market were reordering from us throughout the season, which led to a much higher consistent revenue stream for us.”

We’re excited to see Powder Design and thousands of other brands at this year’s Faire Summer Market, taking place July 27-29, 2021.

Don’t forget to RSVP to Faire Summer Market and check out our livestream events on our lineup page. For more information on our speakers and livestream events, read this blog post.

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