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6 Tips to Help Prepare Your Line for a Successful Holiday Season

September 16, 2021 | Published by Faire

The 2021 holiday season is rapidly approaching, and many retailers have already begun their holiday ordering. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing tips and insights from the Faire marketplace to help our community plan and prepare for the season ahead. To get you started, we’ve compiled six tips to help prepare your line for success this holiday season. 

Create a seasonal collection

Collections are a great strategic tool to help buyers focus on your bestselling or newest products, and a seasonal collection is an easy way to quickly grab the attention of retailers who are focused on shopping for the holiday season. 

Your collection can consist of winter-themed items, holiday-themed items, or products that make for great gifts. Curating a collection is a useful method for standing out during a particular moment-in-time, and can also serve as a useful tool for reigniting interest in existing products.

Make sure your inventory is up-to-date 

With so many retailers currently browsing for products to stock for the holiday season, now is the time to make sure your inventory and imagery are up-to-date. In order to maximize interest in your brand, it’s important to make sure any new or seasonal inventory is added to your store and reflects the most accurate information. 

You’ll also want to make sure that your product photography is up-to-date. Photography often serves as the first impression of your brand, so it’s essential that your imagery reflects the quality and care put into the product. If your imagery is outdated, use this holiday season as an opportunity for a refresh. If you’re adding holiday-specific products to your line, consider staging a unique photoshoot that reflects the seasonality of the items.

Offer your retailers net 90 terms

To help retailers shop more from you this holiday season, Faire is now offering net 90 terms on all orders placed on Faire from September 27-October 10. 

This provides retailers 90 days to pay for products purchased during this window—without affecting your payouts. You’ll still get paid for the products you sell, and buyers will have more time to pay Faire back, allowing them to stock up on more goods and try new brands for the holidays. Plus, international brands can offer retailers free shipping and free duties on all orders during this time as an added incentive. 

Encourage your existing retailers on Faire to take advantage of this offer by sending out an email featuring your new or seasonal products, and invite new retailers to shop on Faire by using the updated Faire Direct campaigns in your brand portal. 

Share accurate shipping information

Informing your customers of when they can expect their shipment to arrive is especially crucial during the holiday season. Make sure to update your lead time in your brand portal so buyers know what to expect, and be as accurate as possible when sharing expected ship dates. With current supply chain disruptions and the unpredictable nature of holiday shipping, it’s important that you offer customers full transparency regarding their order status. If you’re concerned about unexpected shipping delays as the holidays grow near, consider encouraging your retailers to plan and buy their holiday inventory early. 

Clear and constant communication with customers is key when it comes to holiday shipping. Plus, providing quality customer service during this busy season can help create repeat customers year-round. 

For more shipping information, see our help center guides:

Leverage marketing channels

Staying on top of your digital marketing channels can help grow awareness of your brand, draw in new customers, and re-engage existing ones. Many of today’s consumers and retail buyers use social media as a tool for discovering new brands, and having a presence on at least one social media platform is an easy way to showcase your unique products and draw in new audiences. 

Similarly, email marketing is another valuable tool to engage customers this holiday season. Emailing your retailers regularly will help keep your business at the forefront of their minds as they stock their shelves for the holidays, and is especially useful if you have new seasonal products launching. 

Entice shoppers with a holiday promotion

Creating promotions for the holiday season is a worthwhile way to both attract new shoppers and reward loyal customers. Use Faire’s marketing tools to let your existing customers know you appreciate them with an exclusive promotion, or give new shoppers an incentive to make their first purchase with an introductory discount. You can also advertise your discount on your marketing channels.

View our help center guide for more detailed information on running a promotion on Faire.

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