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4 Tips for Every Apparel Brand Selling Wholesale Online

July 8, 2020 | Published by Faire

With the cancellation of 2020 trade shows and other in-person events, it’s likely that most of the transactions you conduct this year will be online. As a result, the way you present your brand online is more important than ever. Clear presentation of your products can decrease returns while increasing sales and customer satisfaction. It’s essential to give retailers all the information they need to make well-informed purchases from your brand. 

Today, we’re reviewing four of the most important details apparel buyers want to know about your line, plus the best ways to share the information.

1. Provide detailed product descriptions

When retailers are buying online, they need as much information upfront as possible. Missing or vague product information can make it challenging for buyers to make their best purchasing decisions. You can help them make better buys from your line by ensuring that each of your products has detailed and thoughtful text to complement your photography.

On Faire, we encourage you to utilize the description field on each product to share what makes your pieces special. We’ve also just launched brand new fields for season and fabric content. The more you can equip retailers with details about your products, the better off they are when making decisions to buy.

2. Publish garment care instructions

It’s also important to let retailers know how items in your line should be cleaned. Garment care is a helpful guidepost when retailers are searching for items that will suit their customer demographic. For example, customers at a gift and t-shirt shop are most likely expecting machine washable apparel, whereas those shopping at a lingerie or swimwear boutique are probably comfortable with hand-wash items. 

When you’re editing your products on Faire, you can select care instructions for each item in your line. It’s a simple update that will immediately give retailers more insight into your brand.

3. Share your size chart

Your line’s sizing is another key piece of information that you can easily provide online. When retailers clearly understand how your clothes fit, they can make better decisions when purchasing from you!

You can now add a size chart directly to your Faire page for easy reference. Through your brand portal, you can upload your line’s size chart and edit it whenever you need. Note that size charts will need to be an image file under 25 MB.

4. Include clear pre-pack details

If you sell your line in pre-packaged size runs, make sure you’re spelling this out clearly to buyers. Rather than noting pre-pack information in your product description, we recommend setting up your e-commerce user experience to reflect your size runs. 

On Faire, each time you create or edit an item, you’re asked how you would like to sell the product. You can select to sell that item as individual units or as pre-packs. When you choose pre-packs, you have the opportunity to name the pack, choose a size ratio and range, and enter a price for the pack. Then, rather than having to hunt for size run details in your product descriptions, retailers benefit from a streamlined and uniform experience when it comes to ordering your line.

Get started!

It’s easy to share these four things with apparel buyers on Faire. Head over to your brand portal and visit the Products tab to get started. Need help? Contact your Brand Success Manager or email support@faire.com for assistance with these features.

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