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Trends and Insights from Faire Summer Market 2021, Our Global Trade Show Event We're sharing the top trends and insights from our global trade show event, Faire Summer Market 2021.
Closing Out Faire Summer Market 2021: Highlights From Day Three The final day of Faire Summer Market closed out with livestream events and sneak peeks at new products.
Day Two of Faire Summer Market 2021: Highlights From The Day Day 2 of Faire Summer Market featured educational livestreams and introductions to new brands.
A Recap of Day One at Faire Summer Market 2021 Faire Summer Market 2021 saw an exciting first day of buying and livestream events.
A Discussion With Our European Brand and Retailer Community About Faire Summer Market We summarize key points discussed in our webinar introducing our European brands to Faire Summer Market.
Announcing the Faire Summer Market 2021 Programming Lineup We're excited to announce our speaker lineup for Faire Summer Market, taking place July 27-29, 2021.
Faire Has Expanded in Europe to 15 Countries We're excited to announce that Faire is available in additional European markets!
Wholesale Basics: Understanding Net Payment Terms and Why They Matter Learn about net payment terms in the second installment of our Wholesale Basics series.
Why This Accessories Brand Attends Faire Markets: “It Was a No-Brainer” We spoke with Powder Design, a brand based in Scotland, about their experience with Faire Markets.
Grow Preorder Sales on Faire We've committed to building new tools and programs to help retailers confidently preorder online with Faire.

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