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The Best Place to Preorder, Risk Free

July 7, 2021 | Published by Faire

Preorders have always been an integral part of strategic inventory planning within the wholesale apparel industry. For brands, preorders help gauge interest in new styles and predict their next bestsellers, allowing brands to better plan production around popular styles in advance. For retailers, preordering helps shop owners plan their collections with the latest styles for future seasons while managing their budget. 

The wholesale apparel community best knows Faire as the platform to purchase immediate products and replenish existing inventory online. While we will continue to invest in supporting this critical buying experience, we have seen preorder sales on Faire grow more than 10x over the past year. With that in mind, our team has committed to meeting this exciting demand by investing heavily in building new tools and programs to help retailers confidently preorder online and streamline their wholesale buying.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to improve the preorder experience on Faire, and we’re just getting started. In the coming months, you’ll continue to hear more about the ways we’re making it easier to shop preorders online—starting with Faire Fashion Week, August 30-September 3, 2021. We hope you’ll join us.

Do all of your apparel wholesale buying on Faire

Hundreds of brands have started listing styles to preorder on Faire, which you can find by searching for your favorite brand, browsing through category or product pages, or shopping on Faire’s new preorder marketplace. As Faire Fashion Week approaches, the number of styles available on our marketplace will continue to grow.

By preordering on Faire, you can secure the best styles from hundreds of top apparel brands while reducing the time, risk, and up-front costs that often come with placing preorders today. 

Enjoy competitive financial terms

When you preorder using Faire’s net 60 terms, you can try new styles and brands in your store risk-free. Faire covers the upfront costs of your order and does not require payment in return until 60 days after the date your order ships —giving you time to sell new styles before ever paying for them. 

Streamline your entire buying experience

We want to make Faire the easiest place to manage your wholesale buying, end-to-end. By shopping on Faire, you can enjoy free returns on all opening preorders – at no cost to you. That means you shop both immediates and preorders from top new brands, using free returns to order with confidence. Plus, Faire’s online ordering streamlines your order management by tracking orders, shipping, and delivery dates all in one place.

Shop at Faire Fashion Week—our designated apparel & footwear event

To help you preorder for upcoming seasons, we’re introducing Faire Fashion Week, our first apparel preorder event. Shop thousands of the newest styles and receive 20% off anytime you preorder over $1,000 from a brand at the event. 

Learn more about the event here. 

New to Faire? Click here to learn more.

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