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How to Connect with Your Customers Through Photography

July 22, 2020 | Published by Faire

With people practicing social distancing around the world, the ability to connect with your customers may feel like a challenge — but it’s also more important than ever. People want to feel connected to one another during this unpredictable period. As a small business owner, you have the unique ability to bring your community together over a shared appreciation for your town, your products, your values, or your business’s story. Today, we’re looking at ways to forge this connection with your customers through the medium of photography. 

Stage your photoshoot

Whether you have a professional camera or an iPhone, you can create great images of your store that will resonate with your customers — all on your own! To get started, you’ll want to ensure you have the best conditions possible to shoot your images. The most important consideration? Light. 

Lots of diffused light is ideal for your photoshoot. If your store gets good natural light, choose a bright yet overcast day for taking photos. The clouds will help spread light evenly and reduce shadows. If you don’t have enough natural light in your space for decent images, you can also buy an inexpensive softbox lighting kit (which will produce the same effect) online.

Build your shot list

This won’t be the first time someone has told you that great photography is important to building your brand, particularly online. But let’s dive in a little deeper — what are the shots you really need?

  • Exterior. Does your store have great curb appeal? Snap an image of the storefront to capture the vibe of your shop and neighborhood. Make sure you’ve updated your window displays first!
The storefront of Picnic in San Francisco, CA.
  • Interior. Give your customers a sense of the inside of your store, too. Opt for a wider angle to capture as much of the store as possible, or select a particular corner or section that photographs well.
  • Merchandising. Get creative with a few “shelfies!” Choose a few of your favorite product displays within the store to photograph. What’s the key to a good merchandising photo? Simplicity. Too many products in your shot can look busy and cluttered. Less is more. 
A merchandising shot from Huset in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Your story. Who are the people behind your shop? Maybe you’re inspired by a particular aesthetic, or you’re a husband-and-wife duo, or sustainability is your thing. Whatever the story may be, try to translate it into images. Your customers will enjoy a deeper connection with your products and store the more they understand your mission.

Share strategically

Now that you have a collection of images, you can plan how you’d like to use them across your website, marketing materials, and social channels. As people are turning more toward social and email to stay in touch, you can use your new photographs to connect with your customers. Share an image of your team on Instagram and let your customers know we’re all in this together. Craft a newsletter where you share behind-the-scenes photos to bring your shop to life.

At Faire, we’re always interested in seeing great imagery from our customers. If you have photographs you’d like to share with us for our social media and marketing purposes, please email social@faire.com.

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