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How to Celebrate International Women’s Day Using Faire

February 3, 2020 | Published by Faire

Faire retailer Local Nomad in Phoenix, AZ.

International Women’s Day is coming up next month on March 8, and it’s a holiday that’s grown in significance in the last few years. We’re proud to partner with the many women entrepreneurs on Faire—on International Women’s Day and every other day of the year. 

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, according to a 2019 report by American Express. The number of women-owned businesses grew by 21% from 2014-2019, and many of those businesses are in the retail industry. 

In honor of celebrating female entrepreneurship we launched the International Women’s Day collection on our site,  and are sharing three easy ways to champion women-owned brands this International Women’s Day.

1. Reorder your favorite women-owned products—and try new products from their brands.

Through Faire, makers have the opportunity to share their brand’s values so that you have clear insight into what makes their products unique. Some of the values you’ll find on makers’ pages? Eco-friendly, handmade, made in the USA—and women-owned. Look for these values at the top of brand pages to confirm which of your favorite Faire products are women-owned. A seamless way to do this is by visiting the “Reorder” tab in the header of your portal. Here, you can easily click into your recently-ordered brands there to check out their values.

2. Discover new favorites and best-sellers.

Faire’s International Women’s Day collection is the best place to start discovering new women-owned brands. The collection features the best-selling Faire brands that are owned by talented female makers, and there are over 250 brands to explore. From accessories and apparel to tabletop decor to beauty and bath, you’ll find everything you need to delight your customers on International Women’s Day.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Candle Studio.

You can also discover women-owned brands outside of this special collection. We mentioned that Faire brands can share their values—well, you can filter and shop by those values, too! When you’re browsing your favorite category, use the product filters under Maker Values on the left hand side to select “Woman Owned.” You’ll then see all the brands in your chosen category that are owned by women. Plus, more than half of brands are Faire are women-owned, so there are lots of products to discover.

3. Celebrate!

Once you’re fully stocked for International Women’s Day, you have a great excuse to get creative with your in-store marketing. Experiential retail is growing in popularity as consumers are looking for new ways to connect with brands and retailers. Whether you offer sweet treats during business hours or host a special workshop, try connecting with your community this International Women’s Day.

Photo courtesy of Camp Craft Cocktails.

Online promotion is a great supplement to an in-person event. Run an email campaign for International Women’s Day, or create a series of Instagram posts that feature your new products. You can choose to highlight some of the women behind the brands that you sell. Pro tip: use Faire to read the stories behind your favorite products and makers and reach out to learn more about them via the Faire chat feature.

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