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Faire Retailer Spotlight: Arte Haus Collectif

January 13, 2020 | Published by Faire

Welcome to Faire’s Community Spotlight. Every month, Faire highlights impressive members of our community. We share the unique stories, inspirations and strategies that led these talented makers and retailers to success.

Photo courtesy of Arte Haus Collectif.

Fueled by a love of design, art, and curated goods, co-founders Holly Addi and Heidi Jube opened the doors to Arte Haus Collectif in 2015. What started as a gallery for Addi’s artwork later transformed into a collective of handpicked home decor and accessories. Boasting everything from aromatic candles and beautiful coffee table books to stunning glassware and jewelry, Arte Haus Collectif has something for every design lover.

The shop is adorned with carefully selected items and art with the goal of adding style, texture, and design to the lives of customers. The 100+-year-old brick and mortar shop, nestled in Salt Lake City’s Lower 9th and 9th neighborhood, is a statement piece in itself. As the store’s website affirms, Arte Haus Collectif is “simple, minimal, but very well composed.” 

Faire met up with Holly and Heidi for a few press interviews, and we got all of our questions answered about the store’s success:

What was the inspiration behind starting Arte Haus Collectif?

“When you can offer those one of a kind items in your home or like a piece of art, it’s the soul in the room. It brings that special something that isn’t everywhere,” Addi told ABC 4 in Salt Lake City.

“In my terminology, art is something that makes you feel. Something that opens up your senses and captivates that something inside of you that says that’s really pretty or that does something for me,” she added.

“When they walk in, they’ll see beautiful, artful accessories they can add to their house,” Jube said.

Why did you choose this particular brick and mortar storefront?

“We found this beautiful brick that just made our eyes, like, swell up because it was so beautiful,” Jube told ABC 4. “The cool wood floors that we thought we could paint. We could bring a lot more life to this space.”

How has Faire helped you grow?

“Faire is helping us scale,” Addi told Forbes in an interview. “About 70% of our sales now come from our gifting site, which is heavily focused on corporate gifting. These orders can be big and corporate customers demanding. We put a more luxurious, handcrafted spin on the old concept of ‘Harry and David’-type corporate gifts.”

“Faire has really streamlined the process and helped small operations like ours compete with bigger ones,” she explains. “Back in the day, cash flow put a really big strain on our business.”

“Faire is a new business model and it’s enabling us to change our model. We don’t want to have the same products or the same level of sales. We want to have something different and get somewhere different in our sales. We don’t accept those limits,” said Addi.

“We get really fast turn around for orders,” Jube said. “I’d say 95% of the time it is within a week. So we can focus on executing for our customers.”

What does success look like for Arte Haus Collectif?

“When people come in and buy stuff, it’s like oh my gosh, you like that. Cool. The sense of satisfaction of what you are creating, what you are selling people are responding to. Which obviously you can’t beat that,” Jube said to ABC 4.

Addi added, “When you truly look at what you are good at that to me is success. And going to work every day and loving what you do.”

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