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Faire Fashion Week: Our First Apparel Preorder Event is Coming in August

July 7, 2021 | Published by Faire

At Faire Winter Market in February, we debuted a new preorder marketplace, exclusively for apparel, footwear, and accessories brands. The marketplace proved to be critical for retailers looking to lock in the best inventory and plan ahead, and helped brands triple their preorders sales ahead of upcoming seasons.

After seeing more than a 10x increase in preorder demand on Faire over the past year, we are thrilled to announce our first-ever dedicated apparel and footwear preorder event, Faire Fashion Week. The event, taking place August 30 through September 3, 2021, will provide the best-in-class preorder supply, with brands debuting their latest designs for future seasons to Faire’s global and differentiated community of 200,000 independent retailers. Additionally, participating retailers can benefit from competitive savings while locking in seasonal styles by securing 20% off any time they preorder over $1,000 from a brand at the event.

Attendance is free for retailers! To shop at Faire Fashion Week, simply RSVP today.

Shop thousands of new styles from top apparel and footwear brands 

Faire’s apparel category has grown over five times in the past year alone, now representing over 2,500 of the best emerging and established independent brands. 

At Faire Fashion Week, retailers can preorder thousands of styles all in one place, with top apparel and footwear brands across Women’s, Men’s, and Kids & Baby including Just Black Denim, PX Clothing, and Amy Byer showcasing their newest lines. Discover and shop the latest up-and-coming styles that will delight your customers from brands from over 80 countries.  

Get 20% off when you preorder $1,000 or more from any one brand, and pay 60 days after your order ships

We’re offering a Faire-funded show special to retailers participating in Faire Fashion Week, making it easier to try new brands risk-free. Preorder $1,000 or more of new styles from any one brand and receive 20% off. Plus, when you preorder using Faire’s net 60 terms, you won’t be charged until 60 days after your order ships — giving you time to sell products before ever paying for them.

To help you get the most out of this event, retailers attending Faire Fashion Week can also apply to increase your net terms limit. Request a terms limit increase here

If you’re hoping to preorder from brands that aren’t on Faire yet, you can refer them to Faire and you’ll get $300 to preorder their products when they join. 

Try new brands with free returns 

We want to help you confidently try new brands and eliminate the risk that can come with preordering. When you shop on Faire you’ll enjoy one of our strongest benefits—free, 60-day returns. 

We’re also excited to extend free returns to preordered styles. When you place preorders with new brands at the event, you’ll have 60 days from the ship date to return any products that don’t sell—at no cost to you. That means that if you place Spring 2022 preorders at Faire Fashion Week, you’ll have until next spring to test the products in your store and return what doesn’t sell.

We hope these tools make it easier for you to test more styles from new brands and allow you to plan ahead for shopping with the brands you already love. 

Streamline your wholesale buying at Faire’s summer events

Retailers are encouraged, and can benefit from shopping at both Faire Summer Market and Faire Fashion Week! 

Faire Summer Market remains the best place to shop for immediates at great prices. Faire Fashion Week takes apparel buying one step further, allowing retailers to lock in next season’s best styles with top apparel brands. Across these two events, Faire’s retailers can now streamline all of their trade show buying right on Faire.com, and secure the best products with Faire’s unique show specials, net 60 terms, free returns, and no deposits on preorders.

Our commitment to making Faire the best place to preorder

Over the past year, we’ve seen preorder sales on Faire grow more than 10x. To help continue to make this essential buying process as smooth as possible, we’ve invested in building a more secure and seamless preorder shopping platform for retailers. Through unique incentives like free returns and net terms, we hope that retailers can find the right styles for their customers at the best prices.

You can learn more about the improvements we’ve made to your preorder experience on Faire here.

We’re excited to celebrate the apparel and footwear community at Faire Fashion Week—the best time to preorder new styles on Faire. We hope you’ll join us to shop for Spring 2022 and more starting August 30, 2021.

To RSVP to Faire Fashion Week, click here.

New to Faire? Click here to learn more.

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