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Championing People and the Planet With World Fair Trade Organization

September 17, 2021 | Published by Faire

Image via WomenCraft

At Faire, we believe in the power of small businesses to transform not only their community, but the planet as well. In support of that belief, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the World Fair Trade Organization, the leading global community of social enterprises from over 80 countries.

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) represents a vibrant population of Fair Trade Enterprises, all of whom are born from the intent to make an impact. WFTO member brands exist to serve marginalized communities and put people and the planet first in everything they do. These businesses transform local communities, pioneer upcycling, empower women, champion refugee rights and practice organic farming.

Image via WFTO brand BaSE

The Fair Trade Standard

WFTO prescribes 10 Principles that Fair Trade Organizations must follow and uphold in their day-to-day work:

  1. Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Fair trading practices
  4. Fair Payment
  5. Ensuring no child labor or forced labor
  6. Commitment to non-discrimination, gender equity and women’s economic empowerment, and freedom of association
  7. Ensuring good working conditions
  8. Providing capacity building
  9. Promoting fair trade
  10. Respect for the environment

Learn more about these principles from WFTO.

Guaranteed social enterprises

WFTO developed a Guaranteed System that merges Fair Trade and social enterprise verification. According to WFTO, this system is, “Built to verify that an enterprise is mission-led, focused on the interests of its producers, and that these commitments are reflected throughout the enterprise’s structure, systems, and practices.” The Guaranteed System ensures that an organization is truly implementing Fair Trade policies, both in the supply chain and in business practices. To read more about the Guaranteed System, read WFTO’s Guarantee System Handbook. 

Image via WFTO brand SeeMe

Shop the collection

Overall, the WFTO community comprises hundreds of social enterprises who fully practice the Fair Trade principles and impact 1M individuals’ lives, 74% of whom are women. To support this amazing global brand community, we have launched a Guaranteed Fair Trade collection of WFTO member brands on Faire.

With this new collection, you can support brands from every category that are pioneering business models aimed at doing social good. For instance, Netherlands-based brand SeeMe produces heart-shaped jewelry that is handmade by women survivors of violence. BaSE, a non-profit operating in Bangladesh, promotes the handicraft products of female manufacturing groups from over 10,000 producers. Finally, WomenCraft offers handcrafted decor and accessories, skillfully designed based on generations-old Tanzanian weaving techniques.

Ready to put your money where your values are? Shop the Guaranteed Fair Trade collection on Faire today.

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