What is Faire? About the Blog Learn More
What is Faire? About the Blog Learn More


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Industry Insights

As the wholesale and retail industries evolve, Faire is here to share what we learn about the changing landscape.

How to Plan Your Holiday Buying This Year This holiday season will be different than any other. That means your buying will be different, too.
Insight on the Fashion Industry from a Los Angeles Apparel Brand Consultant-turned-fashion designer Sinae Kim of Sadie & Sage answers all of our apparel questions.
Winter Retail Markets 2020: A Recap on Gift, Home, and Apparel Trade Shows With winter's retail trade shows behind us, we're recapping our favorite insights and highlights.
How to Celebrate International Women’s Day Using Faire In honor of our International Women's Day Collection, we're sharing easy ways to support women-owned brands.
The NRF’s 2020 Vision: A Recap on Retail’s Big Show Our takeaways and favorite trends from Retail's Big Show, the annual conference hosted by the NRF.
Local Gifts Make People Happy Survey finds 72% of Americans prefer to give and receive gifts bought locally.

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