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Industry Insights

As the wholesale and retail industries evolve, Faire is here to share what we learn about the changing landscape.

7 Summer Trends to Stock For Your Store With help from search data from the Faire marketplace, we’ve rounded up 7 summer trends for summer 2022.
Trends and Insights From Faire Fashion Week 2022 We're excited to reveal some popular trends, styles, and products from Faire Fashion Week 2022.
Big Ideas in Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2022—A Summary of the WGSN X Faire Trend Report An overview of the Autumn/Winter ‘22 trending fashion themes identified by WGSN in partnership with Faire.
Insights from Faire Winter Market 2022, the Global Virtual Tradeshow Event We're excited to share some key insights and trends from our global event, Faire Winter Market 2022.
Unique wholesale products to stock your store in spring 2022
7 Unique Wholesale Products to Fill Your Shelves for Spring 2022 We've compiled seven trending and unique wholesale products to stock for your store in spring 2022.
Retail industry trends in 2022
4 Retail Industry Trends to Watch in 2022 To help our community prepare for the year ahead, we’ve rounded up four retail trends to watch in 2022.
virtual trade show, digital trade show, online trade show
10 Reasons to Attend a Virtual Trade Show Learn why you should attend a virtual trade show, and why digital will continue to be the preferred format of the wholesale industry.
Faire’s 2021 Lookback: The Year in Review We’ve rounded up insights to look back on the biggest trends from another year full of the unexpected.
Fill Your Shelves With Faire’s Top Gifts for Every Type of Customer, From the Foodie to the Fashionista We've compiled some of the bestselling brands and products that all your customers will love this year.
Faire Fashion Week 2021 Insights and Trends We're sharing the top trends and insights from our first apparel preorder event, Faire Fashion Week.

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