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Stay up-to-date on Faire news and happenings.

Faire Fashion Week is Returning This September 2022 Our online preorder event for the fashion community will return this September 18-24, 2022.
Announcing Faire Summer Market 2022: The Largest Retailer Trade Show Event is Returning in July We’re excited to announce the return of Faire Summer Market, taking place July 19-22, 2022.
Celebrating 500,000 Retailers on Faire We’re celebrating our retailer community by reflecting on stories of resilience and passion over the years.
Introducing Faire to Retailers in Australia Faire is now live in Australia! Stock your store with these unique brands based in Australia.
Introducing Open With Faire to Our European Retailer Community Introducing our programme for up-and-coming retailers, Open with Faire, to our European community.
How U.K. Retailers Can Get the Best Savings for Their Store With Faire’s Insider Programme Introducing Insider, our new monthly membership programme for U.K. retailers.
Faire’s 2021 Lookback: The Year in Review We’ve rounded up insights to look back on the biggest trends from another year full of the unexpected.
Announcing Faire’s 2022 Winter Virtual Trade Show Events We’re thrilled to announce the return of Faire’s virtual events for the 2022 winter trade show season.
How U.S. Brands Can Leverage Promotions to Build New Relationships at Faire Winter Market How our brand community in the U.S. can best use our discount-matching program at Faire Winter Market.
Navigating Promotions at Faire Winter Market for Brands in Europe and the U.K. How our European brand community can use promotions at Faire Winter Market to maximize success.

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