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Community Spotlights

We interview members of the Faire community to learn more about their stories, experiences, and business advice.

How Two New Shop Owners Create Community Through Retail We spoke with two new retailers about creating community and the future of retail.
How This Accessory Brand Owner Empowers Refugees Through Craft We spoke with the owner of Bows Arts about growing up with the brand and the company’s refugee work.
How This Los Angeles Artist Prioritizes Accessibility We chatted with artist Walker Noble about his aesthetic and values when it comes to making art.
How This Atlanta Skincare Founder Built a Community-Driven Brand We're celebrating Black entrepreneurs in the Faire community. This week, we chatted with Tiffany Staten of London Grant Co.
On Community, Creativity, and Local Retail: The Best Lessons from 2020 Advice, learnings, and silver linings from Faire retailers and brands.
This Shop Owner Shares Insights on Ready-to-Ship Gifting and Team Happiness Barbara Mooney of Daisy's Mercantile tells us, "I realized how much I absolutely love what I do."
P.F. Candle Co. on Their 2020 Brick & Mortar Strategy: “How To Make It Work” P.F. Candle Co. founders Thomas Neuberger and Kristen Pumphrey share their COVID-19 retail story.
How an Oklahoma Native Built a Retail Business Inspired by Her Travels While studying in Mexico, Sally January of Siempre Viva became inspired by hand-embroidered, small-batch goods.
How This Sister Team Joined Forces for Good Through Fair Trade Meet Colleen and Maggie Clines of Anchal, a non-profit supporting female artisans in India through fair trade.
How this Couple Brought Their Love of Bangladesh to the U.S. Austin and Marita Miller turned their passion for ethical Bangladeshi goods into a business.

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