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The Storefront

Community Spotlights

We interview members of the Faire community to learn more about their stories, experiences, and business advice.

How This Shop Owner Creates a Safe Space For Diverse Communities We talk to owner of The Neighborhood about how he makes his store a safe space for all.
Finding Fulfillment Through Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship Co-founders of candle company Queer Candle Co. tell us about how they give back to their community.
Honoring Community Through Art With Ash+Chess Co-owners of stationery company Ash+Chess talk to us about their growth & supporting LGBTQ+ artists.
How a Chocolatier and Two Retail Experts Are Proving the Value of Small Business A business owner and retail experts tell us about new inventory practices and retail post-pandemic.
Celebrating LGBTQ+ Communities With Little Rainbow Paper Co. We highlight Little Rainbow Paper Co.—a business creating greeting cards for the LGBTQ+ community.
How These Entrepreneurs Built Businesses Centered Around Human Connection Two business owners share their mission to create community and lessons from the pandemic.
How These Women Pivoted Their Careers to Build Successful Businesses Three founders tell us how their previous careers informed their entrepreneurial endeavors.
How These Eco-Friendly Business Owners Prioritize Sustainable Practices These business owners told us how they place sustainable processes at the forefront of their mission.
How This Illustrator Taught Herself How to Run a Business We spoke with Forage Paper Co. about a life full of illustrating and learning curves of owning a business.
How Two U.K. Artists Built Businesses Around Craft Two U.K. natives spoke to us about loving art, running small businesses, and connecting with community.

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