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A Discussion With Our European Brand and Retailer Community About Faire Summer Market

July 16, 2021 | Published by Faire

With our recent expansion into Europe, this year’s Faire Summer Market will be a global event, featuring brands and retailers from the U.K. and Europe. In preparation for the event, we hosted a webinar for our new community members from across the pond to let them know what to expect at Faire Summer Market. Here, we’ve summarized the key points covered during the webinar and provided answers to frequently asked questions. You can also watch the full webinar here.

A look at the Faire Summer Market experience

Our A-Z brand directory is an important resource for retailers participating in Faire Summer Market. Retailers can browse all participating brands prior to the event, check out their bestsellers, and view promotions as they’re added. With over 8,000 brands participating in Faire Summer Market, browsing the directory ahead of time is a great way to stay organized and set yourself up for success. By clicking the “follow” button next to a brand, retailers can receive updates on when their favorite brands add new products or run another promotion. 

During Faire Summer Market, European retailers will be offered free shipping promotions. These and other promotions—like matching brand discounts up to 20%—will be applied automatically in checkout. 

Navigating VAT and international imports

The most frequently asked questions during our webinar centered around VAT and how to import items to the U.K. and Europe. To help our retailers have the smoothest experience possible at Faire Summer Market, we’ve linked some helpful resources regarding these topics below:

Advice from a veteran Faire market retailer

During this week’s webinar, we spoke with Valerie Asafran of Safran Turner Hospitality. Valerie has attended three Faire markets and had plenty of wisdom to share for newcomers. Her number one piece of advice? Plan your buying early on. “My first Faire market I felt a bit rush so now I do the work ahead of time,” she said. “In the weeks leading up to the event, I’ll fill my cart with products I’m interested in. Once the event starts, I’ll see what promotions those brands are offering and purchase the products with the most compelling deals.”

We look forward to seeing our retailers at Faire Summer Market, taking place July 27-29. Don’t forget to RSVP to the event and sign up for our livestream events here. Learn more about the Faire Summer Market lineup here.

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