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Unique wholesale products to stock your store in spring 2022
7 Unique Wholesale Products To Fill Your Shelves for Spring 2022 We've compiled seven trending and unique wholesale products to stock for your store in spring 2022.
Retail industry trends in 2022
4 Retail Industry Trends To Watch in 2022 To help our community prepare for the year ahead, we’ve rounded up four retail trends to watch in 2022.
How These Entrepreneurs Plan To Reach Their 2022 Goals We asked members of the Faire community their plans for tackling their biggest goals of 2022.
virtual trade show, digital trade show, online trade show
10 Reasons to Attend a Virtual Trade Show Learn why you should attend a virtual trade show, and why digital will continue to be the preferred format of the wholesale industry.
Faire’s 2021 Lookback: The Year in Review We’ve rounded up insights to look back on the biggest trends from another year full of the unexpected.
Announcing Faire’s 2022 Winter Virtual Trade Show Events We’re thrilled to announce the return of Faire’s virtual events for the 2022 winter trade show season.
How To Preorder Risk-Free on Faire Faire's tools and programs are designed to help you confidently preorder online with Faire.
Reflecting on This Year’s Best Lessons From Our Faire Community We’ve compiled some of the best lessons and advice we gained from our community members this year.
7 Ways To Show Customer Appreciation This Holiday Season and Beyond From thank you cards to discounts, we’re sharing tips on how to show customer appreciation this year.
How to Prepare Your Business for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday We're offering ideas on how you can best prepare for the year's busiest shopping days.

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