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Meet the improved Collections tool: A better way to showcase your products

February 8, 2023 | Published by Faire

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For months, we have been talking to Faire brands from different regions and categories about what you need from us to better merchandise and sell your products. We’ve repeatedly heard the need for better and more robust tools to showcase your inventory and highlight your products in unique and differentiated ways.

We’re excited to announce that this month, we are rolling out a new set of features for the Collections tool, including top-requested features like the ability to add preorders as well as better discoverability. As of this week, these changes will be available primarily to apparel brands, expanding to other brands and categories throughout the year.

What are Collections and why did we update them?

Collections offer brands the ability to curate products in a way that makes it simple for your customers to browse and shop, and helps to differentiate your brand and tell your unique story. Collections can be built around anything from new products or bestsellers to seasonally relevant products (summer, fall, etc.) to groups of products that are tailored for a specific audience (like moms or tweens).

Based on your feedback, we’ve been working to improve the Collections experience so the tool can work harder for you, your business, and your customers. Here’s a peek at some of the first changes we’ll be making, with more to come later this year.

What are the new features I should look for? 

The new features we’ve added to Collections can help your existing customers get to know you and your products better and can also create a great first impression with new retailers, serving as a powerful marketing tool for your shop. The changes, which will be available to all brands in the clothing category this week and others in the coming months, include:

A cleaner and more intuitive user experience for you, including the ability to “select all” options within a product or SKU

The ability to add preorders to your collections

More ways to discover your collection and a more delightful shopping experience for your customers

How do I start building a collection?

  1. Go to Collections in your brand portal and select “Create Collection”
  2. Come up with a name for the collection and add a description to let retailers know what makes it unique 
  3. Upload an image to represent the collection, or choose one from an included style 
  4. Add a curated assortment of products from your catalog on Faire—you can select styles available to ship now, for preorder, or both 
  5. Once you’ve published a collection, you can refresh and rearrange it anytime in the Collections tab 

*Note that this experience may vary as we roll it out to new brands over the coming months. 

Our goal, as always, is to improve the selling experience for all of our brands, giving you more ways to tell your story, grow your sales, and succeed on Faire. We value your feedback and always use it to inform our plans, so request to join our Faire Brand Community on Facebook to let us know your thoughts!

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