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How to Write Orders for All of Your Retailers Using Faire

October 28, 2020 | Published by Faire

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Using Faire, you can write an order on a customer’s behalf and send them an invoice, whether or not the retailer has a Faire account. This allows you to manage all of your orders in the same place.

Here, we’re sharing more insights into how the order-writing feature can help you grow and simplify your wholesale business.

Delight your customers

It’s likely that you have many different types of retailers — some who like to browse and shop online, and some who don’t. With Faire’s new order-writing tool, you can offer your customers multiple ways to place orders, while maintaining an easy, streamlined experience on both sides.

Whenever you receive a new order request from a retailer — whether over the phone, by email, or via fax — you can easily create an invoice and send it off to the customer.

Faire retailers can approve the purchase in one click, while retailers not on Faire can opt for guest checkout. In both cases, customers will benefit from a simple, secure way to pay. 

Writing an order is also easy for you, too. Just key-in products and send off the invoice.

Offer Faire’s benefits, for free

Retailers who already buy with Faire will have access to their regular payment terms when they pay. If a retailer chooses to sign up for Faire while paying an invoice, they’ll also gain access to Faire’s net 60 terms and free returns on opening orders. Retailers with access to net terms are able to place larger, more frequent orders with greater confidence — meaning more sales for you.

As always, you’ll pay 0% commission on orders from your existing accounts. We only charge a commission on orders written for accounts that originated through the Faire marketplace. Here are a few scenarios regarding commission when using this tool:

  • If it’s a first order with a customer, or if you’re writing an order for a non-Faire customer, there will be no commission applied.
  • If it’s a repeat order with one of your Faire Direct customers, there will be no commission applied.
  • If it’s a repeat order with a marketplace customer, regular commission rates will apply.

Customers who sign up for Faire after receiving your invoice will instantly become one of your Faire Direct accounts.

Manage all of your orders in one place

Our goal is to help you save time while growing and simplifying your business. With the introduction of flexible order-writing, you can use Faire as your one-stop-shop for processing orders. This allows you to review your open and past orders, in addition to all of your customers, in the same place.

Further, you can manage fulfillment and track your payments through Faire as well. You’re able to purchase shipping labels through Faire for invoiced orders, even if the customer doesn’t have a Faire account.

Plus, we’ll handle payment collection on all orders placed by Faire retailers. Orders from non-Faire customers won’t show as ready to fulfill until you or the retailer enter credit card information. 

Start using the order-writing tool today so you can spend less time managing invoices and more time on your craft.

New to Faire? Sign up to shop, or apply to sell.

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