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How to Promote Your Women-Owned Brand This International Women’s Day

February 3, 2020 | Published by Faire

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Photo courtesy of Maika.

International Women’s Day is coming up next month on March 8, and it’s a holiday that’s grown in significance in the last few years. We’re proud to partner with the many women entrepreneurs on Faire—on International Women’s Day and every other day of the year. 

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, according to a 2019 report by American Express. The number of women-owned businesses grew by 21% from 2014-2019, and many of those businesses are in the retail industry. 

In honor of celebrating female entrepreneurship, we are sharing three easy ways to promote your women-owned brand this International Women’s Day.


Let your customers know that buying your line means supporting a woman-owned business. Use your website, social media, and printed marketing collateral as opportunities to tell your story. There’s no wrong way to tell your story—be authentic. Share a little about your work and watch your community rally to support you!

Photo courtesy of Capra Designs.

On Faire, many of our retailers like to shop by value. We offer a number of different product filters—among them eco-friendly, handmade, and women-owned—to help buyers find brands their customers will love. In order to get connected to the right retailers, it’s important that you highlight the appropriate values on your Faire page. Classifying your products as women-owned on Faire is an easy step that can help you reach more like-minded customers. Did you know that 85% of Faire’s retailers are women-owned shops? If you haven’t set up your Faire values yet, visit the Shop Profile section of your portal. You can refresh your brand story while you’re there!


International Women’s Day is a key moment to promote that your brand is women-owned. It’s also the perfect time to get creative with your marketing. If you enjoy hosting customers in your studio or workspace, throwing an event is a great way to get people excited about you and your brand. Whether you go for a cocktail hour, hands-on workshop, or a simple open studio, try connecting with your community face-to-face this International Women’s Day. Don’t forget to print up some marketing materials about your brand to hand out to your guests!

Photo courtesy of Camp Craft Cocktails.

Online promotion is a great supplement (or substitute, if need be) for an in-person event, too. Run an email campaign focused on buying for IWD, or do a special series of posts on your Instagram feed. You can also consider running a sale—on Faire, you can schedule a limited-time promotion for free shipping or a discount in honor of International Women’s Day. Just login to your Faire account and head to your Marketing tab to get started.


Collaborate with other women-owned brands or shops in your community to run a cross-promotion, a social media takeover, or a special giveaway in honor of International Women’s Day. You’ll not only have the chance to market your own brand, but you’ll also give a fellow women-owned business the opportunity to widen their reach as well. For example, we love how Faire brand Gumball Poodle runs a monthly “Girl Boss Giveaway.” They partner with a female-run brand each month to spotlight on their blog, and they offer customers an opportunity to win a bundle of products and goodies. When you run successful collaborations, both you and your partner get to celebrate being women-owned AND have an opportunity to get eyes on products—win, win!

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