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How to Express Gratitude to Your Loyal Customers

November 24, 2020 | Published by Faire

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The end of 2020 is fast-approaching, creating an opportunity to reflect on the year. It may be one of the toughest years your business ever faced, and it was likely a difficult year for your customers, too.

As you look back on the challenges that the year presented, we encourage you to consider what has made you grateful. Maybe it was your hardworking staff or your neighbors that pulled you through this year. Or, maybe it was your customers.

Now is the time to share your sentiments of gratitude, particularly with your customers, for the loyalty and support you felt this year. Here are a few ways to tell your community how much they made a difference.

Send a heartfelt thank-you

Words of true and honest thanks are powerful, especially when they come from the heart. One of the simplest ways to express gratitude to your customers is through a letter of thanks. If you have a bit of spare time (and legible penmanship!), handwritten cards can demonstrate how important your customers are to you.

Send cards to your top customers by snail mail, drop them in end-of-year orders, or safely hand-deliver locally. No matter how they’re delivered, your cards will make for a heartwarming surprise.

Reward loyalty

Do you have customers whose loyalty went above and beyond this year? You may want to reward them with a free product or sample. Try sharing a product a top customer hasn’t tried yet, or a sneak preview of something from your next product release.

This tactic will not only delight your customers, but also encourage them to come back and purchase more product from you. Win-win!

Curate a thoughtful gift

If you find yourself with overstock or wiggle room in your budget, consider a small gift as a token of your appreciation for a few of your tried-and-true customers. 

Gifts that are meaningful but don’t break the bank are the key to this strategy. For example, everyone loves sweet treats like little chocolates, apple cider, or other gourmet goodies this time of year. Or, a cheeky gift — like a 2020 humorous tree ornament — might be your way of capping off the year. 

Invite your local customers to come pickup their special gift at your studio (masked, of course!). This helps you save on packaging and shipping costs, too.

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