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Faire Partners with KitchenTown to Celebrate Plant-Based Food Innovation

March 16, 2021 | Published by Faire

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We’re excited to introduce KitchenTown, a Bay Area startup incubator that supports brands making plant-based and better-for-you food products. Since launching in 2014, KitchenTown has helped over 400 emerging food companies ideate, launch, and scale their brand and business. The KitchenTown team champions brands that design creative solutions for a better food system.

Faire is thrilled to partner with KitchenTown to bring innovative, unique gourmet products to our retailer community while promoting a more sustainable future.

To highlight more of the innovative brands in the KitchenTown community, we’ve launched a new collection for Faire buyers, Eat Better by KitchenTown. Read on to learn more about KitchenTown’s mission and products.

Get to know KitchenTown

The KitchenTown team works side-by-side with food brands at any size or stage. They serve as cheerleaders, mentors, consultants, scientists, and engineers, offering tailored support for food company founders. KitchenTown is proud to partner with the next generation of food companies.

Photo courtesy of KitchenTown.

At KtichenTown’s 20,000-square-foot campus in the San Francisco Bay Area, food brands have access to a commercial kitchen, product development lab, partnerships with legacy brands, research programs, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. KitchenTown provides the guidance, community, and space that simplifies the process of launching a food brand.

Meet the KitchenTown community

From developing functional foods to designing methods of food waste reduction, KitchenTown startups are tackling challenges and creating solutions that change what’s on our plate. Every KitchenTown brand must be both plant-based and clean-label, meaning they meet certain requirements such as organic, fair trade, and no added gums or sugars.

Many of KitchenTown’s partners are focused on ingredient innovation and the circular food economy. For example, Renewal Mill is a woman-owned brand that uses upcycled okara—the by-product of soy milk production—to produce gluten-free flours, baking mixes, and cookies. The carbon footprint of okara is 60% smaller than that of wheat flour. Another upcycled food brand, ReGrained, uses leftover barley, wheat, and rye from the beer-making process to produce nutritious bars and puffs.

Photo courtesy of KitchenTown and Don Bugito Prehispanic Snackeria.

Don Bugito Prehispanic Snackeria, a brand that favors unique ingredients, creates crunchy snacks from nutrient-dense crickets and mealworms, sourced from a sustainable insect farm the founder runs herself. Another KitchenTown brand, 12 Tides, makes organic puffed kelp chips made from ingredients grown on regenerative ocean farms in the North Atlantic. Regenerative farming is a system that rehabilitates the surrounding ecosystem, making it not only a sustainable practice but also a beneficial one.

Help your customers eat better

We’re excited to partner with KitchenTown to do our part in promoting a sustainable food future. 

To highlight more of the innovative brands in the KitchenTown community, we’ve launched a new collection for Faire buyers, Eat Better by KitchenTown. Shop from over 50 food brands that are committed to sustainable production and developing healthy, nutritious food products for the modern consumer. And, if you know any growing food companies who could benefit from KitchenTown’s services and resources, get in touch.

Start sharing plant-based food with your customers and shop the collection today!

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